About Us

The strength of a group structure

About Us

100% French production

Alliora stands out for its global expertise in 100% made in France set-up boxes. All of its production takes place in its Fougères factory, which can manufacture up to 15 million gift and promotional boxes per year.

For industries including fragrance, cosmetics, wine and spirits and accessories, Alliora provides an adapted solution to its customers starting from conception to distribution of the finished product via manufacturing and packaging.

Alliora offers the luxury of hand-made products with the strength of an industrial group with in-house know-how.

Its added value is being able to manufacture close to its markets in order to respect environmental criteria.

Where to find us?

8-10, Rue de Ventadour
75001 PARIS
5 rue de la Lande du Bas
ZAC de la Guenaudière
35300 Fougères