Corporate Social Responsibility

Recycled and recyclable materials

To pursue its "Made in France" production philosophy,
Alliora Coffrets is commited to a global approach to corporate social responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Managing our ecological footprint

The firm prioritizes the use of recycled and recyclable materials. 

By using cardboard and paper from sustainably managed forests, its factory has been awarded the FSC® label for such products.

Alliora Coffrets controls the environmental impact of its creations. It prioritizes eco-conception from the product design stage to storage and delivery solutions.

Alliora Coffrets is currently working on a simulation system, which allows to compare the environmental impact of the use of various materials and production sites in order to suggest the best option from an environmental standpoint.

Alliora Coffrets sorts and recycles all of its waste into the various recycling streams.

Alliora Coffrets is involved in a local employment network in its region of production. The ATOUTS network is made up of various regional employers who pool their need for skilled workers. By sharing employees based on their needs throughout the year, the network allows the creation of permanent contracts for workers in specific skill sets.